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Born and raised in Havana, Cuba in 1987.  His passion for arts awoke early during his childhood. He surrounded himself with friends who appreciated painting and spent a lot of his time creating illustrative drawings. In addition, his mom worked in a Historic Art Museum in which spiraled his love of art and helped his decision to be an artist when he grew up. Through out the years he finished schooling and he graduated from two school of arts; one of them was four years in an Instructor of Arts (EIA) and also four years from Academy of Arts of Bellas Artes San Alejandro. During his school years he met people whom introduced him to the world of tattoos. In which sparked his interest due to the change from canvas to skin.


    Even though he only had 2 years of experience tattooing, In the year 2013, he had the opportunity to travel and move to the United States. His career as a professional tattoo artist had only begun, while living in a foreign country he knocked on a lot of doors which were shut due to the language barrier. He did not quit and focused on mastering the art of tattoo. Master Barba also participated in tattoo conventions in which he won multiple best in show trophies and received recognition for first and second place. He experienced good and bad times, people who doubted him but he always believed in himself and worked hard to rise above and reach his dreams of being a professional tattoo artist and studio owner.

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